Monday, February 27, 2006

Pwned by the Missus

So My Fair Lady and I are getting into bed tonight to read for a while prior to going to sleep. She turns off the overhead light and suddenly the room on my half mind you goes dark. Not pitch black, but a flashlight would certainly help.

"It'd be helpful to have a lamp on my side of the room, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, we really need to get you one of those someday," she replies.

"Wait... I'm having a thought," I say.

"Don't strain your one, tiny little brain cell. I kinda like you, and don't want you to break something and stop breathing," is the curt reply.

That's two. She's allowed three in a lifetime so I'm looking at my watch right now because as soon as that third one strikes (which estimates say should be around Thursday) then all hell is going to break loose in Casa de Skim.

Translation: I'll be mocked again and sulk about it on the internet.

Further Wonders of Teh Interwebs

You know, I look at how frequently I blog these days (especially considering how I blatantly stated at the beginning of the year about being more frequent) and I just shake my head. Frustrating to say the least that I'm not writing as much as I want to, but I have hope.

In other news, I'd like to bring out yet another example of how the wonders of Teh Interwebs will never cease. Check out this wartime film that uses AOL-er speak to simulate a war film.

Stuff like this rules.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Back to the Blogging...

God I hope so at least. I seem to be having trouble with my focus issue I discussed earlier this year in terms of covering DVDs, movies, and so forth more consistently. The upshot is that I've recently attained a new focus. The downside is said focus has been towards my two jobs, my day job at a chaos-driven production company and my night job at Gaming Trend. Between the two I'd choose the second one to work full-time for, but until the site is in a position to actually pay for contributors I'll be working for cheap.

But I wanted to give a shout-out to all the lonely hearts out there on Valentine's Day and say that you're really missing out on having that special someone if you don't have a person in your life like My Fair Lady. She is unabashedly sentimental and comes complete with a perfect memory, which makes keeping up with her something of a challenge. Sometimes though she comes through and stuns the hell out of me with a gift from the heart that makes me kick myself because I didn't even remember that I wanted it.

Her present to me tonight was the box set of Back to the Future which she originally bought for me when it came out in 2002, unbeknownst to me. Funny enough, about a day after she bought it I found out about the infamous framing issue and mentioned that I was pissed that I'd have to wait until Universal got off their butt and fixed it. In hindsight, I really should have read her face better but if I'm not actively thinking about something or looking for it, then odds are I won't see it.


So we're in Best Buy the other day and I casually mention that they had finally fixed the framing issue, then I put it out of my mind. That set was always on my list of things I'd wanted to own forever but never thought of when I was in the store. Lo and behold she surprises me with it tonight so I wanted to tell her from as close to a mountain top as I can get that I unequivocally love her and am crazy about her.

Have a happy Valentine's Day to one and all.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lost and Found... Part Deux

According to this article at CNN, an entire Lost World has been found that's roughly the size of Rhode Island. Which means it's the equivalent of your backyard plus your neighbor's backyard. Plenty of new frogs, flora, and birds were discovered and I for one welcome our new-found Frog Overlords.

The only way this story would be cooler is if this was the second expedition sent in to retrieve the first one which disappeared under "mysterious circumstances." It's also comforting to see that Mother Nature has hidden a few gems away from prying eyes. Since she doth have a wicked sense of humor we might see one of those new found frogs to be carnivorous with a taste for wayward scientists. Which means we Americans, being the nature lovers of the world, would then firebomb the area just to be safe. Which would just anger the Frog Overlords and soon world-wide mayhem would ensue. Then again I might be overthinking this a little bit.

It's been a weird morning thus far so bear with me.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lost and Found...

CNN has a fascinating story about what happens when someone misplaces an archeologic find and someone else finds it in the basement... 60 years later.
The 210 million-year-old fossil had sat in storage at the museum for nearly 60 years and was found only by accident, the paleontologists said.

The animal is interesting because it closely resembles a completely unrelated dinosaur called an ostrich dinosaur that lived 80 million years later, they report in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a British science journal.
The entire story is right here.

Mojave Phone Booth.... THE MOVIE!!!

There are a lot of funny stories about random things in the world at this link, but my money goes to the following as the funniest:
The Mojave Phone Booth was a lone telephone booth in the Mojave National Preserve which attracted an online following in 1997, due to its unusual location. The booth was 15 miles from the nearest interstate highway, and miles from any buildings.

Fans called the booth attempting to get a reply, and a few took trips to the booth to answer, often camping out at the site. The story inspired the creation of a motion picture, Mojave Phone Booth, due for release in 2006.
Think about that for a second. Someone somewhere thought that a phone booth literally out in the middle of absolute nowhere would make a good subject for a film. I honestly want to know who came up with this idea, and punch him/her in the face for stealing an idea like that before I had it.

Conversations with My Fair Lady

If you want to stop laughing at what I'm doing then it would be appreciated kthxbye. I swear to God and all that is Holy(tm) please stop your laughing it is driving me batty and I cannot focus!!!

It helps to not spit on the writer too. BTW - imagine all this said in a Scottish accent and you'll know what it's like in my head right now.

and that ear won't see any use for, you know, EVER.

Damn misspellings

Okay then. kthxbye.

love you too. damn two, to, too.

keep getting confused. no. I meant it. you already kissed and snogged the writer, WHAT MORE DO YOU BLOODY WANT WOMAN!>?!?!?!?!


/blogger explodes

stop it. now. go take your pill. in fact, take three. still leery here.

then go make me a sundae womam. to the kitchen with thee!! And take your spitting ways with you!!!!!

still here


still not missing you. still missing that sundae though.

when the bloody hell have I ever shortchanged myself on a sundae?


The above was the transcript of My Fair Lady and I just now. Feel free to imagine what was said on her part at the approriate times.