Friday, July 27, 2007

Where am I?

Still here, albeit buried under more frustrations/issues/giant locusts than I know what to do with. I prefer not to speak of personal things unless I can bring the funny to it(see also any story here referencing law) but big things are afoot in my life. The result is I've completely neglected this blog and that will change. Here's a slight hint - it's taken me the last month to get through the 10 discs of "The Prisoner" but I should burn off discs seven and eight tomorrow with the finale next week. That's primarily what has kept me from posting additional DVD reviews, in addition to My Fair Lady and I burning through "The West Wing" from the beginning. We're up to season three now and when you combine the two I wind up with no additional movies to review.

Oh, and kudos to CDS reader Sara for reminding me that I actually have readers.

Cheers, and more posts to follow.