Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What the Hell is a Giga-Watt?!?!

Yesterday I was on my way home for lunch when I saw it. On the streets of Dallas, TX, I saw it.

THE DeLorean. If you have to ask why "the" is in bold, then you are not a child of the 1980's. The short version is a guy who left GM by the last name of DeLorean started building his own line of cars, one of which was used by the makers of a little film trilogy called Back to the Future.

Someone in Dallas has either the original or a replica, complete with vents and wires hanging off the back of it, and me wantsss it. There is literally no way in hell that I wouldn't get that thing on the freeway and crank it up to 88 mph within 10 seconds of owning it.


At 9:32 AM , Anonymous Mark said...

I was wondering if someone would blog about seeing my car. I'm linking to some older photos that I took in 2001. I've had a lot of upgrades from the Doc since then.


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