Wednesday, August 30, 2006

When Your 360 Explodes...

Check out this post at the AVS Forums and you'll see that some people have actually managed to decipher the Xbox 360 error lights. Whenever the consoles go belly up, the green light around the power button turns an angry red and blinks. Several enterprising, not to mention astute, members of AVS figured out how to reset the console and figure out what the blinking lights translate to. For example:
Turn on your "dead" xbox. Wait for the 3 red lights. Once you get them hold the "Synch button and the eject button down simultaniously. All four lights flash. (0) Press the eject button again and only one light (1) press again and all four light up (0) press again and two lights (2). Error code is 0102. compare this code to the table below to find out what is wrong with your X360. Is it overheating? Power Cord? Hardware?

The Code I got is 0102 which means the computer does not know the problem as it is not hardware or heating or anything like that. Could be dust, loose solder or static! I use a can of compressed air and my X360 IS BACK!!!!!! I do not know for how long but I played last night for several hours and had not one Hiccup. This after a whole week of the dreaded RINGS OF DEATH!!
I can't begin to describe how helpful this is, people. As more codes are unlocked, they'll continue updating the list. I'm not surprised that Microsoft never released this info, but I hope they do come out with an official list soon. If you have an Xbox 360 and are reading this blog, then chances are you're at least somewhat technically proficient. If we can repair our own machines without going through the hassle of sending it off to have dust blown out of it then bully for us.


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