Monday, November 14, 2005

IQ Limit on Running Your Own Business?

The longer I work for my current boss, the more convinced I become that I'm too smart to run my own business. Every decision he makes seems intentionally calculated to be the dumbest move possible. Take tonight for example - he has a big presentation to make in Chicago at the end of the week, so he has a bunch of us gather together print materials to send out overnight. Not that bad, you might say. Add this gem to it - our ftp site went down on Friday, and he decides to shoot down all of my suggestions at moving on to someone else because he wants things exactly the same and doesn't want to have to pay for a solution.

Here's the fun part - the ftp site may as well have been a server farm in some guy's living room. That's what I pegged it as six months ago when they stopped communicating with us all together. I immediately told the boss this and that we needed a backup plan, or to move on to anywhere else quickly. Since we were paying $150 a month in hosting fees for a ton of storage and bandwidth usage, his answer was that we'd "ride it out."

I guess that horse went belly-up Friday. Trigger is no more, sayeth Teh Lord. Amen.

On the flip side, I located a bunch of other streaming media vendors today while under extreme pressure from El Jefe to do 100 other things all at the same time. I frequently wonder if he's on the same planet as the rest of us, because while he may see himself as a visionary, his staff views him as a ferret on speed with about half the IQ.

Oh what fun it is to ride in this one horse open sleigh. Especially when the horse is dead weight dragging the sleigh down the hill at terrifying speeds and the only thing you can do is hang on and shriek like a little girl.


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