Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kong is King... For Three Hours

Here is the official trailer for Peter Jackson's latest love letter to cinema, King Kong. While impressive as hell, I can't shake the fact that it's a three hour movie about a giant ape run amok. I'm a long-time lover of the original black&white film, but that sure as hell wasn't three hours because there isn't three hours of story there.

Then again, I happily spent 9 hours+ following two dwarves who have to drop a gold ring into some lava to blow up a flaming eyeball, so what do I know?


At 9:17 AM , Anonymous Nathan said...

Two dwarves? Your geek license has been temporarily suspended. You can turn it in at the front desk.

At 10:13 AM , Anonymous Dreamshadow said...

Hahah...Use Little People even if you don't want to call them...waitasec...why am I arguing this?


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