Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finally a Script Writer... of Sorts

So after not being paid for many, many moons and throwing in the towel and going through little else but chaos (separate blogs pending) I finally have my first freelance corporate video script... and it's due tomorrow morning. I've worked on it since last week including the shoot itself (which was way cool) but today I've been hit with a cold hard dose of reality.

Normally in a corporate video script you have anywhere from 15 to 30 second interview clips you can drop in at random which quickly eats up a five minute video. Now imagine a video that is ALL B-ROLL and NO INTERVIEWS.

Yeah, that's the first one I have on my plate. Lovely.

So spend an entire day pouring over every shot of a six hour shoot and you'll be ready to shoot yourself. I'm up to 4.2 minutes of footage so here I go back to plugging away at it. At this rate I should be done in another hour (or three). Yeah!


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