Sunday, February 04, 2007

Of all the things I could have missed...

... in my post regarding My Fair Lady playing a Wii...

She read the column tonight and pointed out how I never said anything about her playing two games at once, one on the Wii and the other on the DS. I looked through the column and sat there dumbstruck that I'd completly breezed right past that.

It was, after all, the point of the column itself that My Fair Lady was willingly, gleefully in fact, playing two videos games on two separate systems at once as I sat there in utter shock. Yet it completely escaped my memory when I actually wrote the column.

I could be a smartass and say it actually didn't flow well with what I was saying and then I could look all snobby and highfalutin like some other writers and that a small digression took away from the larger narrative.

But then I'd be completely lying about it and I feel bad enough as it is. Obviously I'm completely losing my marbles as I approach the salad years and I should come to accept that. When I start reposting prior stories and claim them as new it is time to put me out to pasture, boys and girls.

At this rate, that should be about this time next year.


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